We are a collective of individuals bound together by a shared state of giving a damn.



We are a creative production partnership driven by collaboration. Working with a global roster of award-winning talent, Tangent Mind offers production services, creative services, strategic thinking and mental detours.


Sometimes, we start with an empty page and act as a tactical creative outfit. Other times, we take our place as cogs within larger, more complex marketing machinery. Every time, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality content, delivered on time and on budget.


Tangent Mind was founded in 2008 by Jon Michael Ryan – director, cinematographer, producer – the original mind whose tangents set the course. His professional exploits in and around St. Louis have become the stuff of local legends.


As the scope of his movements grew, so did his need for help, advice and companionship. Matt and Jon worked and debated projects together to the point of un-debatable trust and friendship. Jack and Jon joined forces when the needs of the company shot beyond Jon’s expertise – and right into Jack’s wheelhouse. And Rachel and Natalie created an instant bond with Jon the first time they crossed paths filming pets for Nestlé in London; a mere five years later they joined the team. All together, we bring more than 50 collective years of experience to every challenge.


When it comes to creative problem solving, it’s not always about experience. Sometimes you have to just let your mind wander. Go on a little tangent.




His career began as a shift from medicine to cinematography and is best explained over a drink. He believes crew is family, and runs a set according to these tenets: be honest, be considerate, be kind. He has lensed series for Netflix and Go90 and has operated ShotOver™ systems out of helicopters. He likes what he does. A lot. He also likes LaCroix. A lot.


With a background in publishing, Rachel embraced the opportunity to move into motion production. Since then, she has worked on narrative films and TV (recently for Working Title), as well as advertising content for EE, Tesco, Pampers, Samsung and NBC Universal. Along with her tough and tested production skills, she brings long-term friendships with emerging and established talent both on and off screen. In her spare time, Rachel would love to read a book. But with two daughters, two dogs, two horses and two cats, she’s a little too busy with her own Noah’s Ark.



This guy literally runs a science lab in his spare time. He actually enjoys spreadsheets. That’s why Jack is the one we trust most when it comes to counting the beans around here. After years with his eye buried in a microscope, Jack embraced a different gauge of lens and joined up with Jon as partner in Tangent Mind. You may meet him, you may not, but trust us he is always, always watching (in a cool way). Ask him about Black Mambas sometime. If you see him.


After a stint at Sony Pictures in Manhattan, Natalie moved to Sydney, Australia, where she coordinated the marketing department for Home Entertainment at 20th Century Fox. Returning to her hometown of London, England, Natalie dove into film production, with credits including Assassins Creed, The BFG and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. She brings to Tangent Mind a plethora of expertise, a network of the foremost creative talents in the industry, an immense love of movies and history, and one perfect dog named Dylan.


Raised in journalism, trained in advertising and tested in television, Matt has honed his storytelling craft on projects ranging from miniscule to millions of dollars. Writing, directing, producing – it all starts with the same tantalizing question: what if? He brings experience with clients including Caterpillar, Purina, CBS and Amazon. He’s as talented as a filmmaker and wordsmith as he is a gardener - and he’s a damn fine gardener.


After nearly two decades in the ad biz, Karl approaches every marketing problem as a quest for clarity and understanding. From brand identity, motion graphics, packaging, and UX to straight-up creative direction and business advice – he is a creative juggernaut and paragon of style and class.