SO, what do you really do?

What we do is constantly evolving. It ranges from direct-client work to agency pipelines to commissioned projects. Our capabilities are full spectrum: planning, production, post.  What we really do is work closely with our clients to understand what they're asking, what they need, and if we think we're the right fit. We don't care for buzzwords and aren't fans of hype - our philosophy is a rooted logic based on the wisdom of those who have guided us and its evolution as guided by our own personalities and experiences.

Ok, but you make videos, right?



Can you do animation?

We can produce and develop animation. We use vendors; the same for most of our post. If you don't need our creative or our oversight, then we'll connect you to the people we trust. 

can you work with my budget?

We're like chameleons - we conform to the unique environment of each project. We've taken several steps to decrease our footprint and increase our efficiencies. This allows us to approach every production with the same fervor, whether that's flying around in helicopters or diving into a passion project. Still, what we do costs money and we don't sugarcoat this. We know what we do best, and we'll kindly tell you if we aren't the best fit for your project. When we're not the best fit? We'll help you find who we think is.

AND are you transparent with your numbers?

100%. As a standard, we itemize our estimates. We're happy to itemize our invoices, too. It only hurts us to be dishonest about our costs and those of our vendors. We know that money matters. And we know that our best crews only benefit from us winning them more work; we don't hide profit margins within our crew.


when do we contact you?

Our friends and clients tell us that the thing we do best is enter a project upstream. The earlier we're involved, the more we can add to the process. We like to add value and perspective without pushing an agenda - we collaborate. Regardless of whether the project has four weeks or forty-eight hours to conceptualize, the earlier the better!


Where is your office?

We don't have an office. We have homes. We have production facilities, rental houses and post houses. We don't put your money into the glamour of a space in which we spend 8 hours a day. We'd rather spend those hours immersed in the community in which we live. 



We're two guys with a lot of passion, a lot of learning, and a lot of history.  We think that life should be honest and fun. JMR is a Cinematographer and creative thinker, JMB3 is a solutions provider and numbers guy. The JM's are a yin and yang of financial and creative force.



Jon Michael Ryan and Jack Melvin Burchett III - the two hemispheres of Tangent Mind. Jon is shorter and Jack has more facial hair. As in, he has facial hair.


Ok. you've got our backs?

We live and die by this. We have your back. Even if that means telling you we're not right for you. We fill our shelves with memories that remind us to value the lives we live.